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Our experts review your entire financial picture and design tax strategies in order to allow you to keep as much as possible. Our tax professionals handle your personal or corporate taxes, providing you a level of comfort and performance that is unsurpassed.

Our advisors will ensure that you stay within compliance for all current tax and payroll laws. We’ll review your records to see that you are receiving the maximum tax relief to which you are entitled.


Becker Financial provides asset management, investment services, portfolio analysis and monitoring, and more. We have the experience and resources to develop investment and retirement plans that are easy to understand and monitor. We will offer you advice based on your specific needs.

We will provide guidance beyond just investments. Coordinating with legal, and other professionals is just one example of how we can help you manage your complete financial picture.


Asset Protection Planning involves reviewing your assets, risks and financial goals to create a legal barrier between creditors and your wealth using a combination of business and estate planning tools. A properly established plan performs three primary functions; lawsuit deterrence, settlement negotiation leverage and/or placing your assets out of the reach of a legal opponent.

Asset protection planning is ideally performed prior to a lawsuit (or cause of action), however can be implemented at any time. Every situation is different, so we encourage you to call and begin developing an ideal strategy for your specific needs.


IRS Representation

Tax Form Amendments & Refiling

Sometimes a tax return which has already been filed needs to be changed or corrected. The forms filed to correct income tax returns are called amended returns. For individuals or married couples, they consist of a form highlighting the changes for the IRS (called a 1040x) and a corrected individual tax return (form 1040). They can also include other forms or information that are needed to inform the IRS why the change is needed.

Mergers & Acquisitions

As an Orange County CPA firm specializing in small businesses we understand the needs of small business owners.

The accounting practice landscape has changed over the past few years and this has caused many firms to consider the benefits of merging. Larger firms merge to acquire talent, to gain more clients, for cross-selling opportunities and to enter new markets.

Premium Services

Business Consulting

To solve problems, organizations need more than just suggestions – they need solutions. Becker Financial's  successful combination of cross-industry experience, innovation, and proven methodologies help our clients continue to lead during organizational change and technology improvements. These results-driven strategies provide your business with real opportunities for growth and stability.

Real Estate Accounting & Auditing


  • Accounting for real estate acquisition and development
  • Impairment of real estate assets
  • Rental operations
  • Real estate sales and profit recognition